PPC Traffic | Test

 It’s Wednesday and that means it’s time to put on our Traffic Hats!


Traffic is the life blood of your business. In order to build a thriving online business it’s essential that you get eyes on your site! Today’s traffic tip is on TESTING.


The best thing you can do after you’ve selected your keywords is to test them out. Don’t start out with a huge bid amount because you can quickly lose money that way. You’ll want to start off with a lower amount to see how many clicks you end up getting. It could be that you’re not getting as many as you expected, so you’ll want to increase your bids. Or, you might find that you’re seeing some traffic and high returns.


Don’t worry — testing doesn’t take long. You can determine within a few days whether or not you should discontinue your ads, tweak them, or keep them going as they are. Being cautious is the best thing at this point, because there are way too many people who dive in headfirst with PPC and then end up with a huge bill that just didn’t pay for the kind of traffic they received. If you do this right, on the other hand, the results from PPC can be faster and more profitable than they are with article marketing.


Remember action is everything! So ask yourself how you can implement this traffic tip into your business today in order to start driving targeted traffic back to YOUR web site.


Make it a great day!