The TRUTH About Online Testing & Certification Programs

Should I get certified?

Lately I’ve been seeing some buzz around the idea of getting “certified” when you buy and complete an online course. Chances are you have seen this too. And I’m sure many small business owners are asking “Should I get certified?”

For those who are interested, here’s my 2 cents…

From the position of THE MARKETER selling a program with certification; I think it’s a brilliant idea.

First of all it gets your customers to consume your training! And when customers consume your training they are more likely to use it, get RESULTS, and give you THE MARKETER, positive feedback. And that positive feedback of course becomes social proof that you can turn around and use to sell more “certifications”.

But perhaps even more importantly, from the position of THE MARKETER selling the certifications, is it gives you tremendous PRICE POSITIONING. Because now, instead of offering just another run of the mill info course on XYZ, you now offer the course plus a XYZ certification.

And traditionally to get a certification of any kind it requires more of an INVESTMENT by the student.

In other words, consumers EXPECT to pay more to get an education that comes with a certification of sorts. And because of this, the marketer can now sell what may otherwise be a mid-ticket offer, as a PREMIUM, HIGH TICKET offer!

Are you getting this folks? Making money in business is all about PROFITS. And the fastest way to get to profits is to sell premium packages. (read that again and pay attention to what successful marketers are really doing).

Okay, so now let’s take a look at this from the position of THE CUSTOMER…

From the position of the customer if you’re thinking of buying a course with the intention of getting a certificate to post on your website in hopes of getting more business yourself, just know it’s not just as simple as that.

Sure having some credentials in the form of a certificate is nice but…

Where did you get the certificate from? Is it an accredited University or educational body? Or is it some Joe-marketer who decided on a whim that he had the power to “certify” you?

Now I’m not saying a true expert should not be able to certify his customers however I am saying, what weight does it hold in the eye of YOUR potential customer?

Here’s the thing (and read this carefully)…

When a prospect is in need of your services, they really don’t care about your “qualifications”, how long you’ve been in the business, who you know, etc. Sure all that holds a LITTLE weight, but what they REALLY care about is RESULTS.

Specifically, can YOU get them the results they desire?

Because if you can, that’s the ONLY thing that matters.

So listen, if you’re an expert looking to get more business, I highly recommend you post case-studies and testimonials from happy clients sharing the RESULTS that you helped them achieve. Posting your results for your prospects to see will go a LOT further in helping you secure more business than a “certification ever will.

That said, if you have both, then all the better. 🙂