Polarize Your Audience to Create Raving Fans

One of the secrets to effective marketing is to polarize your audience. “You need to polarize to magnetize”. That is, create lovers and haters, not couldn’t care-lessers. That way you attract the ultimate “herd” that resonate with you, agree with your beliefs, and become your raving fans. It’s like the Nissan Cube car. I absolutely hate the look of that … Read More

Skyrocket Your Sales With Facebook Remarketing

What if you had a second chance to turn that lost visitor into a buyer? Facebook has been one of the most effective advertising platforms for a long time – at least if you know how to play the game. The trouble is, most people don’t know how to properly maximize their ad campaigns, and thus they see horrible returns … Read More

Facebook Versus Email

The BIG Facebook fallacy… Are you getting the wool pulled over your eyes? With all the hoopla about Facebook and the plethora of social media sites it wouldn’t surprise me. Social media has taken over so much of what we do and how we interact online. Sites like Facebook can drive OBSCENE amounts of highly targeted traffic to your site. But … Read More

Free Viral List Building Tool

The MOST important part of building your business is building you list. And because of that I am always on the lookout for new ways to effectively build my list and the relationships I have with the people on it. That said, I wanted to let you know that I found a new List Building tool…and it’s free 🙂 >> … Read More