Attracting Your Ideal Customers and Dream Clients

Having a clear understand of who your ideal customer is will make your marketing and sales a a great deal easier.

One of the biggest mistakes new marketers make is trying to be everything to everyone. Trying to please everyone is a surefire way to business failure. The key is to become an expert at one thing, in one area. Not a “jack of all trades.”

Not only do experts who specialize in one area make more money but they also attract business. Clients come to them. I refer to this as push versus pull marketing. Generalists have to push their wares on prospects. Whereas customers are drawn to experts.

This does not mean you can’t be an expert in more than one area. However, when marketing your various expertise you need to target each unique audience separately. Otherwise, if you present yourself as the solution to more than one thing, you’ll confuse your audience.

So keep the marketing for each specialized product or service as separate from one and other as possible.

For help creating and attracting your ideal customers and “dream clients” Click Here to Download the “My Ideal Customer” Worksheets