What Women Know About Marketing (That You May Not)

The fastest way for any business owner to boost their profits is to increase their prices. Doing so has the power to quickly double, triple and even quadruple your income.

Yet many business owners neglect to do the obvious for fear that their customers will run the other way.

And for that reason, in this report I’m going to share with you 6 shockingly simple ways to increase your prices and sell premium offers without customer resistance.

In this post, I’m going to explain the 3rd way. Are you ready? Here it is…

Playing Hard to Get

Did you ever see the 2000 film “Coyote Ugly”? In the movie a young girl named Violet gets a job in a bar called Coyote Ugly. Her primary job is to wow the male dominated patrons and entice them to buy more drinks.

And to do this, the owner of the bar cleverly orders the girls to enact the first rule of strip clubs: “Appear available but never be available.”

The cast of film Coyote Ugly (2000) playing hard to get.

The cast of film Coyote Ugly (2000) playing hard to get.

Well it turns out women know a thing or two about marketing! That is, people want, what they can’t have. In fact, the harder it is to get, the more we tend to want it.

And many companies successfully use exclusivity by creating demand by restricting access.

Costco does this by requiring customers to meet specific qualifications before they are granted the privilege to buy a membership allowing them to shop in their stores. The American Express Centurion Card comes with a $2,500 annual fee if you meet their stringent qualifications.

When Gmail came out, to get access someone had to invite you. Even then, a invitation didn’t ensure access because Google limited how many people could sign up in a given period.

Ferrari also uses this strategy. You can’t simply walk into Maranello and buy the LaFerrari supercar. There are certain requirements that must be met and certain expectations fulfilled before Ferrari will allow you to write it a check for more than a million dollars.

You must qualify to buy the LaFerrari supercar

You must qualify to buy the LaFerrari supercar

Developing a process in which only qualified prospects are invited to purchase from you is a tremendously powerful way to attract better prospects and demand higher prices without customer resistance.

So ask yourself, how can you create exclusivity in your business? Could you create a qualification process? What about having a wait list for your services?

Now that you’ve read this step, and visualized yourself doing it, let me ask you a question…

What do you think your business would look like if you offered your own premium packages and actually did all this stuff? Do you want to find out?

If you’re really committed to maximizing your profits by selling your own irresistible high-ticket offer, I would be happy to walk you through all the steps to double, triple or even quadruple your income.

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Talk soon,
Glen Hopkins

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