How To Reduce Buyer Resistance

Did you know there are only 3 ways to grow your business and maximize your profits?


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The fastest way for any business owner to boost their profits is to increase their prices. Doing so has the power to quickly double, triple and even quadruple your income.

Yet many business owners neglect to do the obvious for fear that their customers will run the other way.

And for that reason, in this report I’m going to share with you 6 shockingly simple ways to increase your prices and sell premium offers without customer resistance.

In this post, I’m going to explain the 2nd way. Are you ready? Here it is…

Bonus Stacking

Let me ask you a question…

If you were in the market to buy a new car, and the exact same car you wanted to buy was available at two different dealerships, which dealership would you buy it from…

Dealer “A” who offered your dream car at $69,995?


Dealer “B” who who offered your dream car at $72,995 plus a free, lifetime oil change (valued at $2,800), 10 years of Premium Roadside Assistance (valued at $3,840), and 6 Platinum Package Detailing services (valued at $1,620)?

Chances are, you’d choose Dealer “B”. And for good reason – because if you took advantage of all the bonuses offered they’d be worth an additional $8,260! True, the car cost you $3,000 more at Dealer “B” but with the included bonuses you’d still came out ahead $5,260.

That my friends is called Bonus Staking. And if you look around you, smart marketers use this strategy regularly to increase their sales and increase their prices!

bonus stacking

More bonuses result in less buyer resistance

The more relevant and complimentary bonuses you stack on, the less and less buyers will resist.

If you’re an information marketer selling products and services I recommend offering bonuses that will help your customers get better results faster. Such as bonus implementation coaching, website critiques, templates, and checklists. Customers love this stuff because people want better, faster results.

Also, be sure to ask yourself what objections, fears and doubts your prospective customers may have before ordering your product. If you create your bonuses based on common objections, you’re sure to have a winner.

Oh, and never give anything away as a bonus that you would not otherwise be able to sell. It needs to be of real value and good enough to stand on it’s own. Lastly, it’s very important that you tell your customer what the actual value is so that they clearly understand the benefit of what it is you are giving them.

Now that you’ve read this step, and visualized yourself doing it, let me ask you a question…

What do you think your business would look like if you offered your own premium packages and actually did all this stuff? Do you want to find out?

If you’re really committed to maximizing your profits by selling your own irresistible high-ticket offer, I would be happy to walk you through all the steps to double, triple or even quadruple your income. Click here to see how.

Talk soon,
Glen Hopkins

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